We finally did it! CCIM has finally achieved its dream of creating the most meaningful space where our beloved patients can retreat from the daily grind, in order to truly heal. We have teamed up with practitioners and lifestyle-conscious celebrities to create the ultimate healing center. We are honored to invite you to our FIRST SecretFast retreat, celebrating the beauty and significance of thriving on life, from December 12-14, 2014.
The Columbia Center for Integrative Medicine (CCIM), is overjoyed to offer high quality integrative healing and therapeutic spa services at SecretFast, an exclusive resort in Idyllwild, CA (secretfast.com). At SecretFast, attendees have the opportunity to experience hiking, cleansing treatments, anti-aging and weight loss programs, juice fasting, massage, detox treatments and CCIM special programs (aka C-FAST-D).

The CCIM Special Programs and Treatments (C-FAST-D) include the following:

Integrative Therapies to Balance Physiology
Adrenal Restoration Treatment
Physical Training
Chakra Balancing Treatments
Skin Health and Beautifying Treatments
Physical Toning Package
Joint Healing Package
Gut Detox Treatments including colonic hydrotherapy
Meditation and Mudra Treatments
Bija LifeForce Vibration Therapy
Jet Lag Treatment Package
Water Retention Treatments
Longevity package featuring multiple diverse treatments customized to you!
CCIM services are known as “C-FAST-D” programs and treatments can be access under “DV” at www.secretfast.com/treatments.
SecretFast programs are all-inclusive, and consist of lecture of the day, soup of the evening, and “movie of the night” group events; attendees can network in an informal and cozy atmosphere. In addition, CCIM Medical Director Dr DV, Dushyant Viswanathan, MD, ABIM, ABOIM, will be offering lectures and private consultations at the resort. Your program will be customized by Dr. DV personally according to your needs and desires. At SecretFast, our priority is your healing and well-being; all therapies are customized to your unique needs.
But we know what you’re perhaps thinking: ‘I don’t have time for a retreat; it’s the holidays- there’s too much going on; I have too many responsibilities; however if you are receiving this email, you are ready. We are choosing our CCIM patients and extended family who we know would benefit from this retreat. All that we ask is that you consider and prioritize YOUR healing and that of your loved ones.
Our next SecretFast retreat is called our “HOLISTIC SPECIAL,” and will be held December 12-14 at the resort in Idyllwild, CA, located at the Pine Woods Resort (pinewoodsresort.ca) at 25840 Hwy 243, Idyllwild, CA 92549. You may call 1 323 375-7533, email us at secretfast243@gmail.com, or visit http://secretfast.com/packages/holistic-special/ to sign up today to experience the holistic healing experience you deserve!
Thank you and we look forward to being of service!

The Columbia Center for Integrative Medicine (CCIM)
Idyllwild, CA

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