At the Columbia Center for Integrative Medicine, we are an Integrative Internal Medicine Practice focused on the gut microbiome and the endocrine system in the context of chronic disease assessment and reversal efforts.


Regarding medical insurance coverage:

  • We accept PPO insurance and Medicare for the Internal Medicine aspects of our service

o   For established patients with PPO insurance or Medicare, we do only charge insurance for brief 20min consultations.

  • Medicaid and HMOs and Medicare Advantage plans do not cover our services. The only exception to this is for Regal/Lakeside IPA which offers Medicare Advantage plans and Managed Medicaid plans:

o   We offer an Internal Medicine Service for Regal/Lakeside IPA patients

o   We also offer an endocrinology service for Regal/Lakeside IPA patients

  • We charge patients directly for Integrative Medicine services. Integrative Medicine Services have no CPT and ICD-10 codes; therefore, they have no billable codes to insurance companies. Medical insurance does not cover Integrative Medicine.

o   For a new patient visit, we charge an Integrative Medicine fee of $400 for a 90 min consultation

o   For an established patient visit, we charge an Integrative Medicine fee of $200 for a 90 min consultation

The Integrative Medicine Services not covered by insurance are as follows:
  • Access to naturopathic therapies
  • Food and nutritional intake and holistic nutritional assessment and food recommendations
  • Psychospiritual and emotional assessments
  • Extensive time 90 minutes spent with physician
  • Multisystem based specialization such as the integration between the diseases of the gut and the heart, the gut and the kidney, the gut and the skin, the lung and the heart, the gut and the immune system, the immune system and the vascular system, the connection between the microbiome and the rheumatology diseases, etc.
  • Regular secure e-mail access
  • Opportunity for secure texting access
  • Integrative Alchemy and Clinical Yoga Therapy and Clinical Herbalism Services
  • Access to Wellness Services
  • Access to professional grade prescription-based supplements and medical foods and nutraceuticals.
  • Access to peptide treatments
  • Prolotherapy and PRP
  • Test kit fees for Genova Diagnostic Testing
  • Access to compounding pharmacist
  • Access to home-based nursing
  • Access to telemedicine
  • Customized Integrative Medicine protocols for each particular person’s medical needs
  • Minimal-to-no wait time
  • Boutique experience of the office visit
  • Access to CCIM Trademark Programs
  • Access to our concierge membership program
The Integrative Medicine Services not covered by insurance are as follows:

With regards to diagnostic testing, there is partial PPO insurance coverage of the Genova Diagnostic Testing; however, there is no insurance coverage for any of the other integrative or other functional medicine testing. Insurance typically covers radiology imaging, blood and urine testing at Quest or LabCorp.

With regards to treatments, pharmaceutical drugs are usually covered by PPO insurance and Medicare and by Medicaid; however, insurance companies do not cover any Integrative Medicine treatments such as medical foods, nutraceuticals, supplements, peptides, bioidentical hormones, herbal treatments, and essential oil treatments.

For those requesting a superbill for Integrative Medicine Service, we can offer you a receipt for the transaction; however, superbill cannot be made because there are no codes for Integrative Medicine.

For those wishing to use FSA or HSA card for their Integrative Medicine fees, we typically do honor that unless the transaction is not approved by the lending company.

The Maryland Office has a slightly separate billing structure and that can be reviewed by clicking this link