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DR DV, Dushyant Viswanathan, MD, ABIM, ABoIM, AACE

Our Medical Director Dr. DV, Dushyant Viswanathan, MD, ABIM, ABOIM, AACE, is a dual board certified integrative internist, licensed in Maryland and California, Medicare/Medicaid provider, and skilled/trained in hospital-based, house-call, and office-based clinical care. He specializes in enteroimmunology & endocrinology.

His parents immigrated to the USA from India. He is of South Indian origin, raised in India and the USA (Michigan & California), went to high school in California and college at UC Irvine (in Southern California).

Jamiel S. Hafiz

Jamiel also had the honor of apprenticing in Ayurvedic Naturopathy with Vaidya Agam Baghel, and in 2001 Jamiel qualified in the first class of Registered Yoga Teachers in the U.S. He also holds a Master’s Degree in a more constitutional approach to acupuncture from TAI(now Maryland University of Integrative Health), and he served on the Honor Council during his PA medical education at Towson University.

At CCIMHealth, Jamiel works very closely with Dr. DV on office-based and home health patients we serve in Maryland.


Elaina Heather

Elaina Heather is CCIM Chief Operations Officer and Wellness Director who offers the following state-of-the-art therapies in service of her patients:
• Meal Planning using Food as Healing Energy
• Customized yoga therapy protocols
• Herbal formulations
• Integrative Alchemy with Perception Reframing
• Meditation classes
• Reiki, both therapeutic and teaching
• Multiple mindfulness practices

Elaina trained with Thelma Gress (certified nurse practitioner, teacher of kundalini yoga, and student of Yogi Bhajan) from 2005-2009, Dr. Jaya Satish, a specialist in mudra meditation, and Jannon Baer (specialist in mudra yoga, meditation, and student of Thich Nhat Hanh) to gain specialized knowledge and skill in the theory, practice, and pedagogical aspects of meditation. She also studied with Kate Miller and Moses Brown, both of whom are certified teachers of Anusara yoga. Elaina furthered her training with Rod Stryker who is a specialist in pranayama and meditation.

Opinions about us

Dr DV’s deep-level, detailed diagnoses and solutions, and his ongoing meticulous and caring attention was effective to reverse physiological imbalances that were limiting me and causing deteriorating health, and then continued to support me to take the next steps to lose weight, tone my muscles, and build strength 

Nantz Rickard

Dr. DV listened to my symptoms, health history, patterns of sleep, energy, mood, etc. and recommended hormone testing. Thank you Dr. DV because the hormones you prescribed have made a huge difference in how I feel in so many ways. ...


Dr. DV is a very “rare breed” doctor, one in a million, because he cares for each one of his patients as though they are his one and only patient. He is indeed kind and considerate and very pleasant. He goes an extra mile to think of ways to make his patients better without always prescribing a pill. ...

Nichele Evans