At this time we are offering only phone consultations to new Maryland patients. The phone consultation is as comprehensive as the in-office consultation, of course without the ability to perform physical examination. We have patients all over the country and in other countries, and we have found this system to be effective.

The way it works is, you schedule a comprehensive phone consultation with Dr DV that takes about 2 hours; typically this will lead to a mutually-agreed upon plan of action to achieve your goals. This likely will involve further testing (covered by insurance) to assess your physiology. Our practice is predicated on the idea that symptoms are caused by underlying imbalances that can be reversed.

A second phone consultation occurs after the test results come back, and a comprehensive therapeutic plan of action is initiated. Upon starting therapies, each patient is in regular communication with us, via HIPPA compliant phone, email or text, weekly or biweekly depending on the complexity of the case. As a result of this continuous communication, we ensure that quality of life improves, health is optimized, and symptoms resolve.

Unfortunately, this model isn’t covered by medical insurance, which is based on billing for office visits, rather than on holistic understanding of the patient and his/her life. The costs for our program is as follows:

Initial phone consultation fee: $250
Follow up phone consultation fee: $100
Monthly membership fee: $400/person, $600/couple

The monthly membership fee gives you unfettered access to Dr DV and Elaina our Wellness Coordinator, via email, text, and phone, and ensures that communication is optimized. Office visits are also included. CCIM team will serve as your advocate if you are interacting with other medical providers, and will work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals.

Please feel free to respond back with any questions, or call 410 934 3440 to discuss this with our Wellness Coordinator Elaina Heather.

Thank you and we look forward to being of service

Alex Demontaigne
CCIM Executive Office
The Columbia Center for Integrative Medicine

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