The power of perception cannot be denied. We constantly are processing data provided by our memories, senses, and emotionality, and the perceptual result has enormous impact on the quality of our lives. Many people are under the impression that their perception is an automatic reflex reflecting objectivity, and this impression is reinforced by social conditioning. However this impression is an illusion: our perception is not an inflexible, objective phenomenon carved into stone. Rather, it is a dynamic, fluid, active process that is highly susceptible to flux. Intriguingly, our own choices have enormous impact on perception, and consequently, quality of life. For example, a human being who makes a conscious choice to choose joy, and to not choose suffering, will not suffer, regardless of circumstances, regardless of the presence of situations which may be traditionally perceived as those that cause suffering. Simply put, the human being who isn’t capable of suffering, who refuses to suffer, will not suffer. Contact us today for more information about how to reframe perception in a manner that serves you best.

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