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From all of us at CCIM, we wish you a healthy, fulfilled, and connected holiday season; may your relationships be meaningful, your experiences prosperous, and your intentions aligned with your truth.

We are happy to offer you a $100 discount to our 3-day, 2-night Holistic Special retreat in Idyllwild, CA, at a weekend of your choosing in 2015. Treat yourself and your loved ones to a customized restorative healing experience tailored by Dr DV to fit your needs, while socializing with celebrities and A-listers at the beautiful Pine Woods Resort in the mountains near Palm Springs, CA.

Contact us today, this holiday discount expires on January 2!

CCIM Holistic Special SecretFast Retreat

Pine Woods Resort in Idyllwild, CA

Secret Fast is a 3 day, 2 night all-inclusive retreat featuring CCIM integrative holistic therapies, juicing, hiking, cleansing, beauty, anti-aging, and toning treatments, and the presence of conscious-lifestyle minded individuals including A-list celebrities. Attendees have the opportunity to experience the treatments, as well as the opportunity to network in an informal and cozy atmosphere. Each day features the following: fresh juices customized to you and your needs, 3 treatments of your choosing, hiking opportunities, an afternoon lecture by Dr DV, fresh soups, and a movie of the night group event in the evening.

CCIM special treatments (aka C-FAST-D) include:

Integrative Therapies to Balance Physiology Adrenal Restoration Treatments
Prolotherapy Reiki Yogatherapy Physical Training
Chakra Balancing Treatments Skin Health and Beautifying Treatments
Physical Toning Package Joint Healing Package
Meditation and Mudra Treatments Bija LifeForce Vibration Therapy
Jet Lag Treatment Package Water Retention Treatments
Aromatherapy Gut Detox Treatments including colonic hydrotherapy
Longevity & Anti-Aging Packages Integrative Alchemy

Fees for 3day / 2 nite package:
3 treatments per day; 9 treatments per stay
$1432.00 for the first person, and $1166.00 for the second person in the same room.
1 BR suite with queen bed and living room. $100/night extra for extra BR suite

CCIM Medical Director Dr DV, Dushyant Viswanathan, MD, ABIM, ABOIM, will be offering private consultations at the resort. At SecretFast, our priority is your healing and well-being; your program will be customized by Dr. DV personally according to your needs and desires. Sign up today for the unique restorative healing experience you deserve!

Pine Woods Resort (
25840 Hwy 243, Idyllwild, CA 92549
Contact us at 323 375-7533 or
Sign up at
C-FAST-D treatments can be accessed under “DV” at

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