Dr. DV, Dushyant Viswanathan, MD, ABIM, ABOIM, AACE, is Medical Director of The Columbia Center for Integrative Medicine (CCIM)

Mission statement:

It is with utmost humility that I accept the privilege to be of service, providing medical care for you. My work and intent is to provide sustainable, lasting solutions leading to true healing, by addressing and resolving the underlying causes of illness; once this is achieved, coherent strategies aimed at longevity and optimization of health are implemented. I am grateful to CCIM for providing me a platform by which my protocols can be of service, and I am grateful to you to be given an opportunity to be of service. CCIM makes use of a wide range of tools (pharmaceutical, compounded, naturopathic, lifestyle, nutritional, mind-body) in the creation of customized treatment programs after exhaustive diagnostic testing. The cardinal rule firstly is to do no harm, and secondly is to be effective.

Dr. DV is a dual board certified integrative internal medicine specialist and is licensed to practice medicine in California and Maryland. Prior to medical training, he worked as a physical trainer and Yogatherapist. He studied biological sciences and philosophy at the University of California, Irvine, pursued medical school at St. George’s University School of Medicine, and internal medicine residency at the University of Maryland Medical System. He formed CCIM in late November 2012. Dr. DV also is a classically trained musician, plays Veena and piano, and focuses on composition.

The Columbia Center for Integrative Medicine, LLC (CCIM) is a holistic wellness and medical center with offices in Columbia, MD, Palm Desert, CA, and Woodland Hills, CA. CCIM specializes in reversing, preventing, and treating chronic medical illness in the scope of internal medicine, via customized high-quality CCIM programs tailored to the individual needs of patients and clients. CCIM was born in late 2012 in Columbia, MD, as a partnership between Dr. DV and a physical therapy practice, focusing initially on treating chronic pain. CCIM has grown in direct proportion to Dr. DV’s growth and skill in integrative medicine, and now offers multiple highly useful programs such as Women’s Endocrine Health, GI Detox & Restoration, Type 1 Diabetes, Reversing Diabetes and Heart Disease, Immune Restoration, Pain Resolution & Joint Restoration, Kidney Stone Reversal, and Brain Chemistry Balancing Programs.

In 2013 CCIM was awarded “Top Integrative Internal Medicine Specialist in Maryland” by the International Association of Internists. In 2014 having opened offices in California, CCIM initiated a hospital contract with Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, MD, and in 2015 was awarded “Top 10 Holistic Doctor in LA” by Caster Magazine.

Today CCIM has hundreds of patients on both coasts and is enthusiastically accepting new patients.

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