Covered by CCIM Integrative copays and out-of-pocket charges

Access to naturopathic therapies
Food & nutritional intake, history and assessment and meal plan
Psychospiritual & emotional intake, history, assessment, and recommendations
Extensive time spent with physician
Multi-system based specialization offered by physician (endocrinology, gastroenterology, functional medicine, mind-body medicine, etc)
Regular secured email access
Opportunity for secured texting access
Integrative Alchemy and Clinical Yogatherapy services
Access to Wellness services
Information packets, printouts, background information
Facilitation of Genova Lab diagnostic services
Test kit fees
Access to rapid-fire communication between physician & pharmacist
Access to customized compounded & naturopathic therapies
Access to telemedicine services (phone / Skype consultations)
Customized protocols & assessment letters
Minimal to no wait time
Boutique experience of the office visit
Access to contracted practitioners (trainers, nutritionists, holistic practitioners)
Access to home-based IV therapies
Access to CCIM trademarked programs
Access to Membership program
Access to cutting edge therapies unavailable to the community outside of CCIM patients

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