At The Columbia Center for Integrative Medicine (CCIMhealth), we care for many people who have been diagnosed with autoimmune illnesses. Some see rheumatologists; some are on DMARD medications (disease modifying anti-rheumatic drugs that suppress the immune system), others tried these drugs and did poorly on them. Some patient refuse these drugs.
Our approach is to test and repair the microbiome. Here’s a statement that is suggested by all the available basic science and clinical research available today: You cannot get an autoimmune illness without firstly damaging the microbiome
So our approach is to test the microbiome (simply done with stool samples) and use our #Enteroimmunology protocol to repair it. Meanwhile we keep an eye on the autoimmune antibody titers, and watch them progressively go down over time. Why do they go down? Because autoimmune inflammation starts from damage to the microbiome, and resolves with repair of the microbiome.
Could it be that simple?
Yes! contact us today!
Dushyant Viswanathan, MD, ABIM, ABoIM, AACE
CCIM Medical Director
The Columbia Center for Integrative Medicine (CCIM)

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