Wellness is a trillion dollar industry these days, one of the few American industries not seeing a recession. Furthermore it is an unregulated industry, leading to countless products flooding the market. We at ALWAYSPEACEOFMIND.COM have done twelve years of research into the nutriceutical industry, and have discovered the absolute highest quality nutriceutical medicines on the market. Our patients experience the benefits of the medicines, and do not experience side effects. One of the major advantages of nutriceuticals compared to pharmaceuticals are the distinct safety profile of the former. However there are plenty of nutriceuticals on the market which quite simply should not be taken. For example CENTRUM SILVER contains aluminum and talc, both extremely toxic compounds. Centrum should never be taken under any circumstances.

The laboratories and companies we contract with to make our Nutrametrix medicines and supplements have articulated specifications for the products, with scientific analyses of all raw materials used in the manufacturing process. There are documented “Certificates of Analyses” which are available for public inspection as well. After manufacture, products are inspected at the warehouses for damage, label accuracy, appearance, taste, and odor. If some criteria is not satisfied, the product is quarantined. Then the isotonic medicines undergo scientific assay in independent labs for isotonicity, contamination, and potency. All of our Nutrametrix manufacturing facilities are audited regularly for GMP compliance. GMP means “good manufacturing practice regulations” established by the FDA.

Check out any of the Isotonic products in our nutriceutical pharmacy at: www.nutrametrix.com/drdv. There is a tab you can click on for “science” which lists scientific articles corroborating the efficacy and benefit of the medicines.

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