a. We will be offering internal medicine inpatient coverage throughout 2016 at Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Van Nuys, CA.

b. Dr DV and Dr Bhavesh Patel, MD of Cenegenics Chicago will be engaging in a series of podcasts with emphasis on high quality integrative medicine. Stay tuned for those recordings!

c. Dr DV and Elaina will be co-writing a column entitled “The Physician & The Alchemist” available at ccimhealth.com. Stay tuned to check out this cutting edge discussion!

d. Dr DV will be serving as a consultant to a new integrative internal medicine clinic to be opened in Geneva, Switzerland in 2016.

e. Dr DV has joined the faculty of the Age Management Medicine Group (AMMG), and will continue to present high quality CCIM data and case reports at AMMG conferences

f. We will be offering new cutting edge programs to be of service to patients:

Post-Cholecystectomy Syndrome: Protocol for Healing
CCIM Skin Health: PRP, Microneedling, Estriol, and Proanthocyanidins to restore healthy skin
Joint Restoration featuring Prolotherapy and PRP
Gallstone Reversal Program
CCIM Membership Program
CCIM SCULPT Program: Body Toning & Weight Loss
Immune System Restoration Program featuring Stem Cell Therapy
Type 1 Diabetes Program featuring AAT
Customized organ rehabilitation to improve functions of: Heart, Brain, Pancreas, Liver, GI Tract

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