Pain Resolution & Joint Regeneration

We use prolotherapy and yogatherapy (structural realignment treatments) to help you become pain free. Prolotherapy ( is an injection treatment that repairs damaged joints by stimulating a proliferative response. Dr DV numbs the skin over the joint, and then injects the joint itself using proliferative agents such as dextrose and hormones (such as growth hormone, testosterone, and progesterone). Yogatherapy is the clinical application of yoga for medical problems. Elaina creates a total body physical reintegration and realignment practice customized to each patient. DIAGNOSTIC TESTING:
  • Physical exam
  • Structural Alignment Assessment
  • Imaging (XRAY, MRI)
  • Hormone and pharmaceutical treatments may also be useful to help people in pain
  • $300 per joint for each prolotherapy treatment
  • $100 per yogatherapy treatment
  • Insurance does not cover these treatments



Finally found a physician who truly cares about the welfare of his patients. Because of Dr. DV’s help, I started functioning much better and the chronic pain I was suffering from was under control. Thank you for everything. –Erin Dreibel, Havre de Grace, MD, 2011

I have become a strong believer in prolotherapy injections. Dr. DV recommended and gave me three sets of injection treatments to my right shoulder because it was popping out of place three to four times a day, causing a lot of pain and discomfort. After my injection treatments I no longer have the pain and discomfort. –William Green, Baltimore, MD, patient of Dr. DV’s since Feb. 2011

Customized Clinical Yogatherapy Program


To optimize structural and psychospiritual alignment, resolve pain, enhance self-knowledge and the experience of coherent harmony

Diagnostic Testing:

Structural, Energetic, and Psychospiritual Assessment occurs via Integrative Alchemy clinical evaluation. Cost of evaluation is $75.


$500 customized Yogatherapy protocol and video



I’ve been attending Elaina Heather’s Mudra meditations for almost six months now and the impact they’ve had on my life is immense! They’ve encouraged me to develop my own personal practice outside of the group and helped me through innumerable struggles. Elaina Heather has a beautiful ability to use her intuition to address exactly what our group needs each week, her Mudra sequences are extremely well thought out and they always felt really relevant to what I was experiencing in my life. I’ve been able to use the Mudras she’s taught us to help with a variety of things, from anxiety and depression to cramps and allergies. She pulls from a vast variety of knowledge and her passion emanates from her! I’ve never experienced guided meditation quite as profound as Elaina Heather’s, her calming voice, unique style and passion have taken me to places inside myself I never imagined possible. I would recommend her classes to anyone, the benefits are so far stretching that everyone should experience this!

–Sara Barsotti, Nov. 2013



The purpose of the integrative alchemy service
is to offer proactive psychospiritual and
experiential yogatherapeutic strategies to
optimize alignment in every aspect of life.


Identifying the root cause.


Custom tailored care.


Beyond recovery, reversal.


Protecting your body 24/7.​