To salvage the pancreas before autoimmune destruction of the pancreatic beta cells which make insulin


Candidates for AAT therapy must demonstrate measurable C-peptide levels. Patients with IgA deficiency or hypersensitivity to blood products are ineligible.

Diagnostic Testing:

Blood testing & stool microbiome testing


  • Alpha Anti-trypsin (AAT)
  • Artemesinin IV
  • Microbiome Repair strategies

Insurance does not cover this program



My son was treated by Dr DV in the spring of 2014. From the moment I contacted Dr DV, he was accessible, compassionate, and driven to help our family pursue AAT as an off-label therapy for Type One Diabetes. The treatment required home infusions and every step of the way, Dr DV was our advocate. It is a rare doctor who melds compassion, knowledge, and open-mindedness into his practice. Dr DV is all of those qualities. He truly partnered with us, and to this day he is prompt to respond if I have a question or if I want his opinion on a supplement or treatment that I am researching. If you are seeking a doctor who will advocate for you and help you navigate treatment options and therapies, look no further than Dr DV and CCIM.

-Anna Rask, May 2014, St. Mary’s County, Maryland

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