Testimonial by Gloria

  • Dear Dr. DV and Elaina:  Just a short note to thank you both for all you do for me and the great health I enjoy because of your expertise and loving care. Over the last few years, I have become much more mindful and thankful for the many gifts God bestows on me each and every day.....not the least of which is my good health and the people around me who contribute so much to my well-being. Certainly, you both are at the top of the list in that regard and I couldn't be more grateful for having you in my life. I pray every day that God will look after you and I wish you both much love and happiness together. With great affection...I am Sincerely yours, Vincent Monante Denver, CO (Has consulted with Dr DV in both Maryland and Los Angeles)

    Vincent Monante - Denver, CO
  • Over the past forty years, I have sought the help of numerous alternative doctors/practitioners for several chronic debilitating conditions.  Dr. DV and Elaina together have more knowledge and experience than all of those healers combined!  They are remarkable:  a yin and yang team.  Dr. DV has two medical degrees -- Endocrinology and Internal Medicine -- and a brilliant mind.  He sees the whole picture and how all the parts relate in a dis-eased body.  Nothing is a mystery to him:  everything has an explanation, and even more importantly, a non toxic, healthy solution.  Together, they have the gift of knowing what each person needs:  it is not a one cure fits all.  Both are compassionate, warm, and truly care about their patients.  They will save your life if you give them a chance, as they are helping to save mine.  I feel blessed everyday to have found them after all this time. A.F. - Woodland Hills, CA - May 13, 2017

    A.F. - Woodland Hills, CA - May 13, 2017
  • I have had a wonderful experience with both Dr. DV and Elaina over the course of the last two years. I had numerous mental and physical health issues, and at age 25, this was a huge cause for concern as I have much of my life left to live, and a less than satisfactory quality of life. After a full history, interview, and work up, I had a wonderful, extensive, whole body plan to healing that included medical and holistic practices. I gained many insights into myself, my lifestyle, and how different habits in my environment contributed to my health. I have been introduced to many new concepts, lifestyle changes, and have been able to go off all medications I was on previously. My eating, sleep, and energy levels are much better than they were. I still have a journey of continued healing ahead of me, but thinking back to how I was before beginning to work with Dr. DV and Elaina, my life was pretty grim. It is amazing to think back at how I was surviving, but not really living. At age 25, surviving was just not acceptable. I am so glad I did this when I was young enough to make lasting changes that can be used long term, hopefully for decades to come!

    Mara Giannini - Annapolis, MD - April 25, 2016
  • I had no idea that hormones could so significantly affect the way a person feels.  Dr. DV listened to my symptoms, health history, patterns of sleep, energy, mood, etc. and recommended hormone testing.  Thank you Dr. DV because the hormones you prescribed have made a huge difference in how I feel in so many ways.  I feel stronger and healthier on all fronts.  Thank you! L.C. - Greenbelt, MD

    L.C. - Greenbelt, MD
  • "If you are seeking for hormonal, emotional and nutritional balance, than Miss Elaina should be your GO TO! From the day I met her and had my first conversation with her we connected. She knew and understood what I was struggling with after my second born. As we both share a passion of essential oils she gave me more ideas on how to use them for hormonal balance. I combined her ideas with mine and it turned out the best daily combination I could have and use morn and eve. After that she advised me on vitamin supplements and made me do a 1-2 months cleanse of supplements. I was in awe, how even after using the first shot of supplements, it completely changed my moods and well being within hours! She saved me from my worst mood swings!!! Thanks you, thank you, thank you sweet sister for being the one and only support and coach in these times of my worst mood swings!!" Majoes Mutebi-Holtus - Woodland Hills, CA, - March 2016

    Majoes Mutebi-Holtus - Woodland Hills, CA, - March 2016
  • Since I started the GI Detox regimen, I noticed how much more energy I have and significantly less symptoms. I would like to thank you for being the most amazing and caring doctor I have ever met in my life. Your passion and compassion for human beings are admirable. Thank you again, S.N. - Columbia, MD - January 2016

    S.N. - Columbia, MD - January 2016
  • My son was treated by Dr DV in the spring of 2014. From the moment I contacted Dr DV, he was accessible, compassionate, and driven to help our family pursue AAT as an off-label therapy for Type One Diabetes. The treatment required home infusions and every step of the way, Dr DV was our advocate. It is a rare doctor who melds compassion, knowledge, and open-mindedness into his practice. Dr DV is all of those qualities. He truly partnered with us, and to this day he is prompt to respond if I have a question or if I want his opinion on a supplement or treatment that I am researching. If you are seeking a doctor who will advocate for you and help you navigate treatment options and therapies, look no further than Dr DV and CCIM. Anna Rask - Maryland 2014

    Anna Rask - Maryland 2014
  • I have significantly increased muscle mass, tone, flexibility and strength, and am leaner and in better shape than I have ever been, and have increased confidence as well!  Working with Dr. DV in the SCULPT program provided me with the right tools, support and medical foundation that expertly fit together all the interlocking pieces to succeed.  Dr DV's deep-level, detailed diagnoses and solutions, and his ongoing meticulous and caring attention was effective to reverse physiological imbalances that were limiting me and causing deteriorating health, and then continued to support me to take the next steps to lose weight,  tone my muscles, build strength and achieve overall good health.  I am really enjoying the program and the results! Nantz Rickard - Washington, DC - December 22nd, 2015

    Nantz Rickard - Washington, DC - December 22, 2015
  • It is difficult to put down on paper the information that would properly illustrate the effectiveness and efficiency demonstrated by my integrative internal medicine specialist, Dr. DV, Dushyant Viswanathan, MD, who is the subject of this communication. Over the past seven years, I have had services by several doctors. Emergency services for Infection in the leg as well as surgery to remove the infection. Five hospitalizations for Renal Failure from over medication. Three hospitalizations for Cellulite. There are other specialists who have treated me. They don’t have any bearing on the diabetic condition that has affected me. So far Congestive Heart Failure, Stents, Pace Masker AICD.... Now in regards to the bedside manner, most of the clinics were more interested in chewing me out instead of looking for other reasons for high sugar levels or finding other problem. I followed their diet restrictions, medication levels, and insulin injection levels. Nothing worked in my body, not the pills, high insulin units, and diet. Then came along Dr. DV he requested that we call him DV because his name is hard to pronounce and introduced himself as the troubleshooter. The first thing he did was a DNA test which measured the effectiveness of the medications 14 in all. After the results came back he eliminated 6 medications because they were not in my system. Not very cost effective or it didn’t do anything for my conditions. Then a hormone test was performed and a cream was formulated to put my hormones in balance. He put me on metformin, which while in the past did cause me to go into renal failure, was dosed in a careful and customized way by Dr. DV to avoid renal failure while getting the benefits of the medication. We started using a low dosage and slowly increased it to the 2000 daily usage. He did several other tests that eliminated the insulin resistance that has plagued my body over the last 7 years. At one time I was injecting 100 units of Levemir a day as well as a fast-acting insulin with meals. After two months of no measurable change, we went to 30 units a day and increased the metformin to the 2000 units a day. We started seeing a change in my sugar level. I have over the past year my sugar levels have gone from 600-700 to my current level of 100-120 using 2000 units of metformin and insulin on a sliding scale. There are many other changes in my body. For example; hair is returning as well as its color is coming back. My freckles are back and turning dark. Leg cramps are starting to go away. Carvedilol has changed from 25 mg a day to 6.25 a day, with produced proper blood pressure levels. We are not finished yet. Dr. DV's goal is to find the problem causing symptoms instead of covering the symptoms like the medical community in County seems to do. If you or anyone in your organization have questions please feel free to call me anytime. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss Dr. DV in more detail. Scroggins - Eureka, CA - Sept 2015

    M. Scroggins - Eureka, CA - Sept 2015
  • Dr. DV is by far the best doctor I have ever seen. He not only is knowledgeable and skilled medical provider, he has a bedside manner that is beyond comparison. He focuses his treatment on the whole body. He is not satisfied with just treating symptoms, but eliminating the cause. In this pursuit, he does not limit his treatments to one modality, but uses a multi-faceted approach to heal his patients. He takes advantage of all the resources available to provide the best care to his patients. To do this he completes a comprehensive exam to make an accurate diagnosis and develops a treatment plan that best fits the patient. Dr. DV makes this a collaborative process with his patients. He takes the time to be sure his patients are 100% clear about what is going on with them. He is able to communicate at his patient's level of understanding. He makes himself available as needed to his patients to provide the most comprehensive care. Specifically, for me, Dr. DV has worked with me to treat several chronic issues that until now I have grown to just live with. After completing a comprehensive exam and lab work, Dr. DV sat down with me for over an hour explaining in great detail how my lab results related to what is happening in my body and then explaining how his treatment plan would correct the underlying issues. I am an engineer and as part of my nature I like to understand how things work and know the whole process. Dr. DV has been great with explaining things in a way that is relatable to me and satisfies my curiosity. He gave me a very extensive treatment plan that was pretty intensive and required significant changes for me. Instead of throwing everything at me at once we collaborated to figure out the best way for me to incorporate the treatment plan in a way that was sustainable for my lifestyle. Since starting the treatment plan I have seen significant improvement and expect to continue to improve. He has made sure that I have the best resources to aid in my treatment, including compounded medications, yogatherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, physical therapy, prolotherapy and more. All of the practitioners at CCIM are amazing. Just like Dr. DV, they are 100% committed to providing the best treatment possible by listening to my concerns and working together to treat me. Dr. DV is regularly available for questions and concerns and requests that you give him feedback between appointments. It is wonderful being able to communicate directly with my doctor and not a secretary/middle man. There have been times I have emailed him and have gotten responses in minutes. I know that Dr. DV's number one concern is my whole health, both mind and body. Knowing this it is easy to trust him and without any reservation recommend him to others. Sarah Gentner - Columbia, MD - Feb. 2014

    Sarah Gentner - Columbia, MD - Feb. 2014
  • Thanks again for everything Dr. DV. With the world becoming so evil it warms my heart to know that You are there. God sent Dr. DV. Thanking you for being who you are and for loving medicine so much that you made the choice to help heal and save a life. You don't know the tears I cried watching my son go through several MRI's, spinal tap, the IV's used to pump tons of steroids in his little young body and there is more, but I'll stop here. Thank you for helping my Z… have another chance of battling MS. We have been all over trying to find the proper care for our Z… from Philadelphia to Baltimore and more. We are so thankful to have found someone like you and God truly answered our countless prayers. Luv U Dr. DV and the W… family will continue to pray your strength as well. Thank you for allowing God to use you in a mighty way and thank you for the countless hours you may not sleep from looking out for sick people. Warm Regards, Alesia W. - York, PA - Feb. 2014

    Alesia W. - York, PA - Feb. 2014
  • Dr. DV and the CCIM have been very effective in quickly managing my presenting symptoms. I am very pleased with my results. What I have found particularly unique and especially helpful is the overall integrative approach that leverages Dr. DV's internal medicine expertise with his and CCIM's appreciation of the importance of nutrition, exercise and mental health in optimizing one's health status. Unlike other physicians who have spent minimal time understanding me, my medical history and my unique situation, Dr. DV took the time to learn about me and exhibited real interest in me as a person, the whole person. Dr. DV has been very timely and responsive to my inquiries and the coordination with the compounding pharmacy he recommended has been outstanding. I feel as though both Dr. DV and the pharmacist truly have my best interests at heart. Finally, it is very clear to me that Dr. DV "walks the walk". Not every physician that has treated me in the past was himself/herself the picture of health. Dr. DV is focused, energetic, fit and clearly is following his own advice. As I look to optimize my own health and minimize the impacts of aging, it is comforting to have a physician who is himself so successful. D.M. - Columbia, MD

    D.M. - Columbia, MD
  • Dr. DV saved my legs and has led me in my journey of enlightenment; I'd recommend him and his team to anyone who seeks healing. Sarah Fries - Stockton, CA - Patient since 2009

    Sarah Fries - Stockton, CA - Patient since 2009
  • Dr. DV is a very "rare breed" doctor, one in a million, because he cares for each one of his patients as though they are his one and only patient. He is indeed kind and considerate and very pleasant. He goes an extra mile to think of ways to make his patients better without always prescribing a pill. If there were more extraordinary doctors like him there would be fewer sick people. Nichele Evans - Stockton, CA - Patient since 2008

    Nichele Evans - Stockton, CA - Patient since 2008
  • Dr. DV is a physician who values the input of the RN even if he doesn't necessarily agree, evident because he never hesitates to engage in dialogue about the treatment modalities and plan of care with the Nurse. I'd also say I am most impressed with his bedside manner as a physician and the holistic approach he takes which, in my opinion, is contrary to the medical model that most doctors adhere to. Rajaee Black - RN Baltimore, MD Working in ICU with Dr. DV 2010-2011

    Rajaee Black - RN Baltimore, MD Working in ICU with Dr. DV 2010-2011
  • Dr. DV and his team did a great job combining physical training techniques with medical knowledge to assist in my post-surgical recovery, ultimately leading to complete healing. Debbie Silverman - Los Angeles, CA - Physical training client between 2006-2008

    Debbie Silverman - Los Angeles, CA - Physical training client between 2006-2008
  • Thank you for your kindness, skills and compassionate bedside care. Will Tower - Fresno, CA - Inpatient care from Dr. DV in 2010

    Will Tower - Fresno, CA - Inpatient care from Dr. DV in 2010
  • Dr. DV, you have compassion, care and professionalism with patients and staff. You strive for the best outcome. Your patients feel important and cared for. (You are) very easy for the staff to communicate with. Always up for a challenge. You always clean up after your bedside procedures. You take time to explain the diagnosis to patients and answer questions and you take constructive criticism well. Julianne Mangili, RN - Stockton, CA - Worked with Dr. DV 2008-2010

    Julianne Mangili, RN - Stockton, CA - Worked with Dr. DV 2008-2010
  • Finally found a physician who truly cares about the welfare of his patients. Because of Dr. DV's help, I started functioning much better and the chronic pain I was suffering from was under control. Thank you for everything. Erin Dreibel - Havre de Grace, MD - 2011

    Erin Dreibel - Havre de Grace, MD - 2011
  • In the time I have been seeing Dr. DV I have received excellent care and was treated in a humane manner. I recommend him to anyone with a medical condition. Lorie Montgomery - Havre De Grace, MD - 2011

    Lorie Montgomery - Havre De Grace, MD - 2011
  • Dr. DV has always shown kindness and compassion in helping me deal with my problems; he was very understanding of my situation. He is very open-minded as well as compassionate. Amanda Baker - Havre de Grace, MD - 2011

    Amanda Baker - Havre de Grace, MD - 2011
  • I think Dr. DV is a wonderful man. He helped me with a lot of my health issues and gave me new ideas and activities to help me improve myself in all areas of life. Clarence Gentry Havre de Grace, MD - 2011

    Havre de Grace, MD - 2011
  • Dr. DV has always been very professional and caring. He has always had my best interest at heart, which is very hard to find in a doctor. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for the care and knowledge he has given me Dawn Goffredo - Havre de Grace, MD - 2011

    Dawn Goffredo - Havre de Grace, MD - 2011
  • Dr. DV is professional, courteous, respectful, caring and informative. He is a doctor I would recommend to anyone. Lisa McDunnal - Havre de Grace, MD - 2011

    Lisa McDunnal - Havre de Grace, MD - 2011
  • You can't find doctors like him anymore. I say thank you Dr. DV. Verna Thomas - Havre de Grace, MD - 2011

    Verna Thomas - Havre de Grace, MD - 2011
  • You are very kind and like the doctors in the good old days. My mom loves you. Bob Hrivnak whose mother is a patient of Dr. DV's since July 2011

    Bob Hrivnak whose mother is a patient of Dr. DV's since July 2011
  • Dr. DV has always taken the time to listen. He possesses all the qualities one hopes to find in a doctor. His caring, compassionate attitude makes me feel truly blessed to call him "my doctor." Shannon Hines - Baltimore, MD - 2011

    Shannon Hines - Baltimore, MD - 2011
  • Dr. DV delivers an exceptional and extremely rare mix of outstanding skills, sensitivity and service. His bedside manner is so down-to-earth that he feels like part of the family. He keeps up with the latest medical developments and is THE model of what a doctor should be. He thinks outside the box, truly listens and acts expeditiously yet with compassion to assist his patients through their healing process. He is a patient advocate when necessary yet is strongly patient and family-centered as opposed to those who claim they are but rarely practice what they preach. I can't recommend Dr. DV more highly. Any patient fortunate enough to have Dr. DV as their doctor is in great, competent hands! Fran Hisler - Baltimore, MD - 2011

    Fran Hisler - Baltimore, MD - 2011
  • Dr. DV helped me lose 60 lbs. using his unique method that was specially tailored to work for me and my particular circumstances. He accommodated me in a way that allowed the method to be integrated into my daily life in a clean, effortless way. He paid detailed attention to the various issues in my life and was comprehensive, addressing stress, food, exercise, breathing and the core. His method integrated yoga, physical training, calisthenics, nutrition, stress reduction, pranayama (breathing methods to optimize heart and lung function), motivational interviewing, core strengthening and positive thinking. Dr. DV personifies the compassionate medical practitioner; he makes house calls and charges a very affordable rate. Weight loss is very difficult these days, and Dr. DV has a method that works. I recommend him without hesitation to any person seeking results. Ardin Silverman - Los Angeles, CA - Client since 2007

    Ardin Silverman - Los Angeles, CA - Client since 2007
  • I had completed an emergency call to ATK, Rocket Center, West Virginia on 27-28 Dec. 2011 for the Maverick Missile Program and felt myself rapidly becoming ill by Wednesday afternoon. I made it home by driving from rest stop to rest stop along I-68 and I-70. I was sweating profusely alternating with severe shivering chills. I made it home, showered and got into bed. By now, I was "sweating" so much, I was saturating our bed linens. My wife was unable to sleep with me as the shivering became violent shaking that I described as being in a 9.5 earthquake. By Thursday morning, I was too sick and weak to get out of bed and Gina decided to take me to my doctor, Dr. C…My PCP diagnosed me as having the flu. I explained to her that I do not get the flu, I have never had the flu and after the Air Force had given me a flu shot…Sweating and violent shaking continued to worsen through Saturday. On New Year's Day, Gina said I had become non-responsive and called Dr. C… to advise her of my worsening condition. Dr. C… said "…you work for Sinai, take him to the ER." The immediate care and evaluation I received at Sinai's ER was the most extensive and rapid I have ever experienced. Within just two hours, I had blood work, x-rays and a complete physical exam and was rushed off to a private two-room suite…I don't remember much after that. Initial lab results showed that my potassium level was steadily dropping to 3.2 and my ferritin level had "blown off the chart" at over 5,300 !!! My fever was over 102f. This was the condition I was in when I was fortunate to meet Dr. DV. Apparently, none of the Sinai staff doctors had any idea what was causing my illness, or even what it was. Dr. DV was extremely attentive and worked on me tirelessly to diagnose me. Sinai's Director of Infectious Diseases, Dr. Andy Mayrer, was called in and he in turn called Dr. John Meyerhoff. By 03 Jan., my potassium had dropped to 2.1 and I had already called my childhood friend who is a Catholic Priest. I felt like I was checking out. During this time, Dr. DV was pushing potassium through two piggy-back IV's and four large yellow oral pills of K every so many hours. He was also continuously exploring the medical literature and researching my accumulating lab results and symptoms with all the known statistics of rare diseases. When he added prednisone to my medications, my lab results finally started returning to normal and the drenching sweats and violent shakes started to subside. On the day he discovered Still's Disease, he literally ran into my room excitedly proclaiming that he had finally found the answer to my problem. I don't think anyone at Sinai had ever heard of Still's Disease. When Dr. Meyerhoff returned from his trip, he confirmed Dr. DV's findings and confirmed the diagnosis of Adult Onset Stills Disease. Dr. DV's care pulled me through a dangerous event when no one else recognized what was affecting me and causing all of my vital organs to shut down… Arthur Rossbach - Baltimore, MD - 2012

    Arthur Rossbach - Baltimore, MD - 2012
  • After more than ten years of doctors treating just my symptoms and pumping me full of pharmaceuticals that masked the root of my issues, I found Dr. DV. Not only does he respect my holistic, natural approach to my health, he takes the time to look beyond my symptoms and explain the interconnectedness of everything I am feeling. I finally feel like a true participant in my own health and have a doctor I can trust. Sara Stoner - Baltimore, MD - Aug. 2012

    Sara Stoner - Baltimore, MD - Aug. 2012
  • I have become a strong believer in prolotherapy injections. Dr. DV recommended and gave me three sets of injection treatments to my right shoulder because it was popping out of place three to four times a day, causing a lot of pain and discomfort. After my injection treatments I no longer have the pain and discomfort. William Green Baltimore MD patient of Dr. DV's - Since Feb. 2011

    MD patient of Dr. DV's - Since Feb. 2011
  • Dr. DV has been the best doctor and has done so much for me. He addresses my pain and checks on me in a way no other doctor has done before. He shows so much concern for my health and well-being and he handles everything in a respectful manner. I would recommend him for any patient. I am proud to call him my doctor. Ryan Chance Baltimore, MD - Sept. 2012

    Baltimore, MD - Sept. 2012
  • I want to take the time to thank you for meeting with me. Just your initial input gave me hope that there IS light at the end of the tunnel and I CAN make these changes in my life. Just in the short time since my initial consultation with you, I am already seeing significant differences in the way I feel; the edema I had in my feet and ankles is gone and my energy level is through the roof. I love the new spices I am adding to my veggies! Thank you for making this transformation such a wonderful, positive adventure! Traci Nadolny - Maryland - Sept. 2012

    Traci Nadolny - Maryland - Sept. 2012
  • Since I've been seeing Dr. DV he has helped to straighten out my high blood pressure. My blood pressure was up in the 200 range. Now, because he has adjusted certain medications, my blood pressure is now down to 127 normally. Secondly, after waiting until we had my blood pressure under control, he began working on my joint pain from arthritis. The treatment he uses is called prolotherapy. My hands were always stiff and I couldn't even bend my thumb. Now I can flex it 100%. The third phase of my treatment is to work on my overall health with neutraceuticals (micronutrient therapy). I can feel a great improvement in my energy level and more surprising my mind is clearer. Linda Semilia - June 2013

    Linda Semilia - June 2013
  • I have more confidence in him as my physician than I have had in any other doctor in my life! I have gone to so many specialists for severe problems and I have had many missed diagnosis that Dr. DV straightened out. Along with this, the office staff is phenomenal. S.F.P. - June 2013

    S.F.P. - June 2013
  • From all the doctors I have seen as my physicians throughout the years, I have never in my life had a doctor focus and take care and help me get well like Dr. DV has. B.M. May 2013

    May 2013
  • I've been attending Elaina Heather's Mudra meditations for almost six months now and the impact they've had on my life is immense! They've encouraged me to develop my own personal practice outside of the group and helped me through innumerable struggles. Elaina Heather has a beautiful ability to use her intuition to address exactly what our group needs each week, her Mudra sequences are extremely well thought out and they always felt really relevant to what I was experiencing in my life. I've been able to use the Mudras she's taught us to help with a variety of things, from anxiety and depression to cramps and allergies. She pulls from a vast variety of knowledge and her passion emanates from her! I've never experienced guided meditation quite as profound as Elaina Heather's, her calming voice, unique style and passion have taken me to places inside myself I never imagined possible. I would recommend her classes to anyone, the benefits are so far stretching that everyone should experience this! Sara Barsotti - Nov. 2013

    Sara Barsotti - Nov. 2013
  • Elaina Heather's passion for energy healing inspired me to go to her for my first session. She carefully listened to what I was feeling and acknowledged the colors that I saw. She even shared with me the blocks that she felt in me that helped me connect what was going on in my life at the time and understand how it all was affecting me. Monika Bradick - Spring 2010

    Monika Bradick - Spring 2010
  • I wanted to thank you both for all the time and effort you took talking to me yesterday and the obvious preparation you spent before the appointment reviewing the information and coming up with a protocol. I haven't felt that good receiving information in a long time, you pulled so much together for me and your knowledge base is so immense. I look forward to continuing the process and starting the supplements. You put so many pieces of my health together for me yesterday and answered so many of my questions, even though I felt like I was in fairly good health, looking at the overall picture there is definitely room for improvement…I was sharing your insights with my husband and I think he thought I was going to keep him up all night I was so excited. Coni Giannini -  Columbia, MD  - June 2014

    Coni Giannini - Columbia, MD - June 2014
  • Dr. DV (aka Dr. Dushyant Viswanathan), medical director of the Columbia Center for Integrative Medicine, is truly a master of the healing arts and sciences. The skill with which he holistically integrated the advances of modern western medicine and pharmacology with the cultural and spiritual DNA of mankind was a very rare glimpse into the futuristic practice of total holistic healing and achievement of optimal personal health and wellness. I personally will be making an appointment to see him because I can't afford to wait until I am sick to see him. His practice will, I'm sure, be closed to new patients at some point in the near future and I don't want that to happen until I am on his patient's list!!! Oscar Manrique - Baltimore, MD

    Oscar Manrique - Baltimore, MD
  • Wow!! Last night's presentation was again excellent. I was very impressed with Dr. DV. The information presented was just the right amount for all curious and passionate minds present and very timely for the present day health issues we all face. Good rainy morning Elaina, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for the wonderful consult last night. I was so glad we did it last night instead of Thursday so I could concentrate on it and not think about work the next day. I woke up extra early this morning thinking about the different recipes and different ways to combine the foods to get the most nutrition out of the food. I also used the earth mudra in my meditation this morning. It was interesting, I told Mara I wasn't sure how to describe the feeling, but it was almost like I felt more grounded in the practice. My hand position also did not feel odd, but almost like my hands were not there, I am sure that makes no sense at all. You have an amazing gift for sharing your passions with others and your concern shines through in your preparation of the consult. You both have been so incredibly helpful to my entire family.? Coni Giannini - Annapolis, MD - Oct. 2014

    Coni Giannini - Annapolis, MD - Oct. 2014
  • Hello Everyone, I just wanted to share a moment today that was inspiring to watch. As I was walking with Dr. Viswanathan past lab, there was a woman who was sitting in the waiting area.  Dr. Viswanathan stopped and shook her hand, as well as asking how she was doing since she has been discharged.  She stated she was here for the repeat labs and Dr. Viswanathan was able to recall her labs from when she was recently an inpatient.  This is mind blowing with how many patients he sees on both coasts!  On my way back past lab, the lady was now in lab but her daughter told me how much she really loved this doctor and she has never met one as amazing as he was. It was really refreshing to see someone so grateful for the care they received here!  The level of sincerity Dr. Viswanathan displayed exceeded expectations. Thank you for letting me share! Kassi Smith RN  

    Kassi Smith RN
  • Thank you Dr. DV!  My prostate cancer is gone as a result of your expertise and compassionate care.  My PSA has gone from 5.9 to 2.4 after 6 months of treatment and has remained there due to your recommended approach.  My local urologist had suggested I "wait and see" if the cancer would resolve itself, with the prospect of destroying the cancer using CyberKnife if my PSA did not come down.  While I was "waiting" however, I decided to follow your recommended treatment, which proved to be the answer to resolving my cancer....with the added benefit of not damaging prostate tissue.......which would have been the case with CyberKnife.   Thank you again for allowing me to be cancer free.
    Vincent Montante Castle Rock, CO
  • Thank you SO MUCH. I told my son I have never had so much hope for my health in my life. I told him you are a true genius with an amazing heart. I am grateful.

    B.H. Columbia, MD July 25 2018
  • Dr. DV is a rare kind of physician. He is the most knowledgeable, genuinely caring and compassionate physician I’ve ever known and sincerely devoted to helping his patients. He spends a lot of time with each person, asks many questions, truly listens and approaches the healing process as collaborative between himself and the patient. Never dismissive, he takes every small detail seriously – always thinking outside the box. He treats you as though you’re his only patient. Unlike most doctors who seem rushed to get to the next exam room, Dr. DV spends time addressing every issue and concern, taking the holistic approach that the mind and body are interconnected. He is always professional yet willing to share personal experiences which is very helpful. After three years of seeing doctors with no answers, my worsening symptoms began to deeply affect my quality of life early this year. Thankfully, I found Dr. DV through a friend. After a 2.5 hour consultation and testing, Dr. DV diagnosed me with Microbial Dysbiosis and started a treatment plan, which involved eliminating the cause rather than masking symptoms with drugs (the more traditional approach). I feel remarkably better, regained my energy, lost weight, sleeping better and feel extremely grateful to Dr. DV for giving me my health and life back!

    D.S. Baltimore, MD
  • Dr. DV,
    I wanted to share some amazing news with you.  I went to my ophthalmologist today because I’ve been having vision problems with my right eye and about 6 weeks ago I began to have double vision in the morning when I woke and it would eventually go away after an hour or so.
    As you know, I lost the vision in my left eye 18 years ago and my lens was removed and I had damage to my cornea.  At the time they encouraged me to remove my eye because of the extensive damage and warned me that by choosing to keep my eye, it may eventually have to be removed before it causes blindness in my right eye.
    When I met with my doctor, she informed me that my vision problems are due to my age, now that I’m 44.  When she performed my eye test, she was surprised and said my vision problem isn’t due to age and began to do some other tests.  She then went to test my left eye and I told her I need the special eye cover that has the holes in it.  She told me it wasn’t necessary, she didn’t expect to get a reading because by now, my brain is only using my right eye to see.  Well for the first time since my accident I noticed I could actually see the letters when I squinted. The doctor was surprised as well. She then performed the prescription exam and discovered with corrective lens, I was able to see with 20/35 vision.
    In 2012 my retina fully detached in my left eye and when it healed, the doctor performed a vision exam and at best, they could get to 20/65.  In 2015, when they did the exam again, it was 20/65. My doctor asked me if I had been prescribed any new medications since my last exam.  In 2015 is when I began seeing you to begin hormone replacement therapy and in 2017 is when you prescribed THC as a sleep and anxiety aid. Those are the only two new prescriptions I’ve taken and I’m not sure if that is what has attributed to my eye healing, but it is nothing short of a miracle.
    The doctors are dumbfounded as to how my eye could have healed. They never thought it was possible.  I do not have a lens in my eye and without corrective vision, I could read letters my son drew on a tablet to test my vision.  We are all so shocked, but so very happy as this was not what I was expecting.  Apparently, the reason I have vision issues in the morning is because my left eye has healed to the point where it is trying to focus with my right eye when I wake up in the morning and after an hour or so the muscles relax and go back to the old normal.
    They are custom making me a contact lens and that combined with glasses, will allow to see again with my left eye.  They gave me a normal contact to wear and I haven’t seen in 3D for 18 years and it is the most amazing thing to be able to see the dimension of people’s faces, the leaves and branches popping out of trees and even the clouds look like they’re popping out of the sky. I want to thank you and Elaina for all you’ve done for me.  This is one of the most amazing things that could have happened.
    Jenn H.  Columbia, MD
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