Healing Post-Cholecystectomy Syndrome Background: Symptoms such as reflux, gastritis, biliary reflux, nausea, vomiting, aspiration, right upper quadrant pain, pain after eating, vocal cord dysfunction, trouble swallowing that occur AFTER surgical removal of the gallbladder (cholecystectomy) can cause significant illness and impaired quality of life. Diagnostic Testing: MRI of the hepatobiliary system and stool testing. Costs: Insurance should cover MRI. $50 test kit fee applies to stool test kit. Medicare covers the lab fees for stool testing 100%. PPO insurance covers 75% of stool testing. Therapies: GI Detox & Restoration Customized nutritional meal planning Bile Acid binding therapies Gut Microbiome optimization Therapies to decrease bile specific gravity Therapies to optimize gut lumen pH and lessen mucosal inflammation Inflammation lowering therapies Mucolytics