INFLAMMATION (immune system activation)

TOXIN BUILDUP ADRENAL CORTISOL PRODUCTION Liver toxicity & neuroendocrine dysfunction


We offer customized treatments at each part of this process. The treatments aim to resolve symptoms by treating the underlying cause. Eventually we wean off the treatments, and wellness is maintained by a high fiber diet combined with a lifestyle optimizing wellness. The gut microbiome contains bacteria, viruses, fungi, protozoans (often call parasites) We actually have the diagnostic skills to compare your gut microbiome to that of the statistically healthy gut microbiome; which translates to lower cancer/dementia/heart attack/stroke risk. WHAT IS INVOLVED IN GUT MICROBIOME REPAIR? Testing reveals your unique gut flora, immunology, intestinal health, and endocrine health. After testing, we use the results to balance the entire microbiome using protocols customized to your unique gut microbiome profile. This may involve:
  • Increasing levels of bacteria using probiotics, polyphenols, prebiotics, triphala, tryptophan, synbiotics and plant-based fiber (resistant starches)
  • Decreasing levels of bacteria using anti-microbials and low FODMAP diets
  • Decreasing levels of fungus using anti-fungals
  • Decreasing levels of viruses using humic/fulvic acid products
  • Improving protein digestion/malabsorption by acidifying the stomach and by using pancreatic enzymes
  • Improving fat digestion/malabsorption using pancreatic enzymes and bile acid binding resins
  • Healing the intestinal lining (leaky gut) with butyrate, reduced terrahydrite, and balancing gut bacteria
  • Lowering inflammation using anti-inflammatories such as triphala and curcumin
  • Decreasing colon inflammation using GPR109a activators such as niacin and butyrate
  • Mindfulness practices to lessen vagal nerve induced imbalances
  • Binding up toxic metabolites and chemicals using immunoglobulins
  • Modulating inflammation using Vitamin D, Vitamin A, and colostrum
  • Balancing hormones (especially estrogens/progesterone)
  • Decreasing toxic bacterial metabolite production via customized meal planning
Up to date Gut  Microbiome research: Integrative Microbiome Project: Knight and Jeff Leach at American Gut Project: Food Allergy/hypersensitivity: We learn about you- individual people in the world with chronic symptoms or medical problems. We get to know your life in detail and perform very thorough testing of your body, including the microbiology of your body and your immune system, and we will be able to explain every symptom you have. We take this information to create customized treatment plans that resolve the symptoms. After we resolve symptoms and optimize the health and life experience, we wean you off our treatments and focus on proactive prevention, so that you never have to be sick or see a doctor again. While the gut contains the largest microbiome, there are other [immunologically connected] microbiomes in the body howeverr- esp the skin, airway /ears, pelvis, brain, bladder, etc. We also offer customized programs to address the other microbiomes important in the human body: Sinus microbiome
  • Emphasis on resolving chronic fungal sinusitis (Candida of the sinuses)
  • Diagnostics include specialized nasal swabs and blood testing
  • Treatments typically involve nasal washes and anti-fungal treatments
Allergies Bladder microbiome
  • Useful to treat chronic UTIs and interstitial cystitis (IC)
IC and the urinary microbiome: IC and the gut microbiome: Inflammation and IC: Diagnostics include urine microbiome testing (PCR / NGS) Treatments include anti-microbial essential oils, and gut microbiome treatments Pelvic microbiome Female pelvic microbiome  Diagnostic testing involves specialized urine and blood testing Treatments include vaginal essential oils, herbal preparations, bioidentical hormones, and probiotics Gut microbiome program is essential to do as well This service does not replace standard gynecology services Prostate microbiome
  • Diagnostic testing includes semen, urine, stool, blood, and saliva testing
Microbiome & Prostate disease Dental microbiome Useful for chronic dental infections and gingivitis Diagnostics include dental evaluation and stool testing Treatments include oil pulling, anti-microbial essential oils, and oral probiotics in addition to standard dental care Oropharyngeal microbiome
  • Important to prevent head/neck cancer, resolve HPV and EBV chronic infections
  • Diagnostics typically involve blood testing and oral swab testing
  • Treatments include anti-viral treatments such as lemon balm oil and Vitamin C







A healthy gut microbiome controls gut health by communicating with the intestinal cells and immune cells. Good communication leads to improved digestion, disease prevention, and inflammation suppression. A diseased gut microbiome is linked to autism, ALL CANCERS, dementia, heart attack, stroke, liver disease, kidney disease, recurrent infection, mental illness, autoimmune disease, obesity, and addiction. The gut microbiome has also been linked to how individuals respond to certain drugs, especially CHEMO / ANTIBIOTICS / ANTIDEPRESSANTS



While some bacteria are associated with disease, others are actually extremely important for your immune system, heart, weight and many other aspects of health.


Identifying the root cause.


Custom tailored care.


Beyond recovery, reversal.


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