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--We offer comprehensive integrative internal medicine services to patients focused on the reversal of chronic illness and prevention of future illness. We specialize in gut microbiome repair, endocrinology, and integrative internal medicine. Our director, Dr. DV, Dushyant Viswanathan, MD is dual board-certified in internal medicine and integrative medicine and is a clinical endocrinologist. Our services are applied at your home, in hospice settings, in-home health settings, and in-hospital settings.

To get started with us, please complete our new patient paperwork


 and email to or fax to 8442337639 TODAY!

Schedule your initial appt (will be a Google Meet Video Consultation) with Dr DV using this link:

This will be a detailed discussion about you and your health goals. At minimum 90 minutes will be devoted to this. After your initial consultation, you will receive a letter specifically tailored towards you and your health goals, along with a detailed plan of action. With regards to billing/costs, we charge an integrative medicine fee of $350 for the initial consult and $175 for follow-up consults; each encounter is extremely thorough. We bill your insurance for internal medicine fees; so we both bill insurance and patients; this allows us to spend abundant time (we allow for 90 MINUTES) in each consultation. 

·      After the initial video consult with Dr DV, your next steps are as follows: 

o   Pursue diagnostic testing as per Dr DV's letter and schedule an office visit for a comprehensive physical examination. Call 4107055541 and schedule your appt at: 7226 Lee Deforest Drive, #204 Columbia, MD 20145  

§  Your visit will be with Jamiel Hafiz, PA, who will facilitate. Jamiel Hafiz, in addition to being specially trained by Dr. DV in our gut microbiome and endocrinology services, also offers acupuncture, osteopathic manipulation, IV Vitamin C, and prolotherapy treatments. 

o   After this visit you will receive a comprehensive custom treatment plan from Dr. DV and Jamiel

Thank you and we look forward to being of service; EMAIL any questions to:

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