CCIM offers Prolotherapy treatments to treat chronic pain in the following areas:
Joints of fingers, wrist, elbow, shoulder, hip, knee, ankle, feet, ribs
Head and spine: occiput, neck, back, low back, sacroiliac joints

Prolotherapy is an injection technique that stimulates healing and regeneration of joints, ligaments, and the areas where tendons attach onto bones. It is an ancient technique that became a mainstream scientific medical practice in 1950s as a result of the work of Drs Hemwall and Hackett.

Prolotherapy is excellent for degenerated joints or non-healing areas of ligament, muscle, tendon, which are the usual causes of chronic pain. Ligaments and tendons typically get poor blood flow, and therefore do not heal as well as bone does after injury.

The way it works is that the tender areas are marked, then I numb the skin using lidocaine, then I inject prolotherapy solution directly onto the problem areas. The needle tip and the solution promote an acute inflammatory response, triggering your immune system to come and heal the area, regenerate cartilage and ligaments. After the treatment, you’d expect to feel stiff in the treated area for 2-5 days, and slowly the healing process kicks in, leading to lasting healing. Smaller joints require less treatments; larger joints require more treatments. In conjunction with structural alignment based Yogatherapy, Prolotherapy is an excellent modality to resolve pain for good. Scientific Journal devoted to Prolotherapy

What is Prolotherapy?

Shoulder Prolotherapy

Low back prolotherapy

Neck / C-spine prolotherapy

Foot prolotherapy