Integrative Alchemy is our holistic health service focused on helping you achieve healthy body rhythms, sense of purpose, self-awareness, self-efficacy, and optimum balance. We draw from techniques of the sciences of consciousness, which has been breathtakingly articulated to profound detail by the rshis (sages) of ancient India, and apply them to each individual person. Our chronic disease reversal programs are all about learning --> the microbiome and hormone balancing services help the immune system learn, and our integrative alchemy service focuses on helping each person learn how to manage their interiority. 

There are seven databanks we all draw from every day of our lives:

Memory / Reaction / Imagination / Emotion / Intuition / Analytical Reasoning / Sensation

Whether we thrive or suffer has all to do with how we each individually manage the data coming from these 7 sources. All mentation/cognition and its contents can be grouped in one or more of these 7 categories. Our integrative alchemy service focuses on helping you develop the skill set to optimally manage your mind and its contents.

As we improve the management of our interior subjective world, we learn how to be present, how to make use of the observer within, how to prioritize/triage various conceptualizations, how to manage trauamtic memory, how to navigate the difficult experiences of fear/anger/anxiety, how to  process the past, how to balance the chakras, how to become grounded, connected, and experience belonging.

Optimized management of the mind will make stress management easy.

This service is spearheaded by the real-time habits of Elaina Heather and Dr DV; habits which are informed by their combined education in fields of yoga, Vedanta, history, anthropology, philosophy, psychoneuroimmunology, cognitive sciences, medicine, herbalism, and personal sadhana. Dr. DV and Elaina are students of Vedic Philosophy which is also known as Sanatana Dharma or Hindu Philosophy. The millennia old Vedic/Hindu Philosophy has articulated the true understanding of the human mind, consciousness, perception, epistemology and cosmology, and can be used to help people in a medical context. This is also the most evidence-based mindfulness system in the world, and universally applicable, as most western mindfulness systems are actually repackaged Hindu philosophy / science, to various degrees. 

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“Meditation really does help me, has beneficial after-effects, it changes my thinking, and makes me more mindful of what’s going on in my body. I use multiple meditation techniques focused on both the deep, inner aspects and physical healing”

-Roxanne Young, GWYNN OAK, MD, Sept 2020, patient of ours since July 2019


IA Program Phase 1: Diagnostics

·       Goals assessment
·       Background assessment
·       Physical and emotional health assessment
·       Evaluation of past events, past relationships, abuse, neglect, suppressing, repressing, behavioral/social/cultural conditioning, and of habits that need to be realized and transformed, as well as memories that still require processing.
·       Lifestyle assessment
·       Language inventory
·       Chakra assessment and analysis
·       Assessment of misalignments (this will be deeply connected to the cause of the problems in the first place)
·       Assessment of degree of self-efficacy and perceived sense of self-value
·       Relationship assessment (degree of chronic enabling, projection, anger, abuse/victimization, addiction, sexuality / repressed sexuality, capacity for trust, etc.)
·       Personality / mood assessment: Anxiety or depression prone, anger, frustration/irritation, Obsessive, Compulsive, Despondent, Disassociate, addictive personality/tendencies, paranoid, perfectionist

IA Program Phase 2: Treatments

·       Customized practices begin with creation of space to be essentially who you are, then connecting with the inner ‘witness/observer’ followed by insight-based practices to enhance self-awareness and fundamental truths about oneself without suppression or emotional reaction.

·       How physical and emotional aspects of life interconnect is demonstrated by practices which may involve mindfulness techniques, pranayama (breathing methods), mudra (hand yogic techniques), affirmations, and the use of aromatherapeutic marma point techniques

·       Language inventory will be used for language reframing
·       ‘Who Am I’ meditation
·       ‘Witness / observer’ meditation
·       Healing the inner child
·       Chakra balancing
·       And more!


Elaina Heather’s passion for energy healing inspired me to go to her for my first session. She carefully listened to what I was feeling and acknowledged the colors that I saw. She even shared with me the blocks that she felt in me that helped me connect what was going on in my life at the time and understand how it all was affecting me.

Monika Bradick, Spring 2010

"If you are seeking for hormonal, emotional and nutritional balance, than Miss Elaina should be your GO TO! From the day I met her and had my first conversation with her we connected. She knew and understood what I was struggling with after my second born. As we both share a passion of essential oils she gave me more ideas on how to use them for hormonal balance. I combined her ideas with mine and it turned out the best daily combination I could have and use morn and eve. After that she advised me on vitamin supplements and made me do a 1-2 months cleanse of supplements. I was in awe, how even after using the first shot of supplements, it completely changed my moods and well being within hours! She saved me from my worst mood swings!!! Thanks you, thank you, thank you sweet sister for being the one and only support and coach in these times of my worst mood swings!!"

Majoes Mutebi-Holtus
Woodland Hills, CA, March 2016

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