Type 2 Diabetes is an illness characterized by high blood sugars due to neurohormonal dysregulation of hormones made by the pancreas and the small intestine. Metabolic Syndrome is a constellation of metabolic problems featuring obesity and issues related to blood pressure, blood sugar and blood cholesterol levels. Heart disease can occur from occlusion of the coronary arteries because of inflammation, diabetes, hypertension and excess oxidation of cholesterol particles. Heart disease can also be caused by metabolic problems within the muscle cells of the heart itself or toxins which directly injure heart muscle cells.

  • We currently have an active clinical trial assessing the impact of our microbiome repair program (Enteroimmunology) and hormone balancing program (Endocrinology) on Hemoglobin A1C (a test for blood sugars over 3 months).

  • We use these programs to decrease A1C, the goal being lowering it to under 5.6, which means that insulin resistance is resolved.

  • Participation in our clinical trial means you get free saliva hormone and stool microbiome testing (a savings of $150-$1200, depending on your insurance coverage).

  • Medicare covers these tests 100%

  • Treatments involve strategies to optimize the gut microbiome, and balancing hormones. These make it easier to get rid of fat, increase muscle, and optimize blood sugars

Dr DV has reversed diabetes for me. The first thing he did was a DNA test which measured the effectiveness of the medications 14 in all. After the results came back he eliminated 6 medications because they were not in my system. Not very cost effective or it didn’t do anything for my conditions. Then a hormone test was preformed and a cream was formulated to put my hormones in balance. He put me on metformin, we started using a low dosage and slowly increased it to the 2000 daily usage. He did several other tests that eliminated the insulin resistance that has plagued my body over the last 7 years. At one time I was injecting 100 units of Levemir a day as well as a fast acting insulin with meals. After two month of no measureable change we went to 30 units a day and increased the metformin to the 2000 units a day. We started seeing a change in my sugar level. I have over the past year my sugar levels have gone from 600-700 to my current level of 100-120 using 2000 units of metformin and insulin on a sliding scale. There are many other changes in my body. For example; hair is returning as well as its color is coming back. My freckles are back and turning dark. Leg cramps are starting to go away. Carvedilol has changed from 25 mg a day to 6.25 a day, with produced proper blood pressure levels.

-M.Scroggins, Eureka, CA, Sept 2015




More than 34 million Americans have diabetes
(about 1 in 10), and approximately 90-95%
of them have type 2 diabetes.