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Notes from the talk DR DV gave on hypertension and blood pressure at Lompoc Valley medical Center in April 2019

Understanding BP
• Pressure exerted on the walls of the vessel, which is lined by muscle, and has a certain degree of stretch (compliance)
• Flow affected by narrowing- drop the radius in half decreases flow fourfold
• Systolic (peak contractile pressure) vs diastolic (filling pressure)
• Pulse pressure is the difference between the two

Fluctuations in BP:
• stress (insomnia, poor habits)
• hormones (menopause, HRT, pregnancy, post-partum) which explain why diastolic often higher in women
• inflammation (obesity)
• Toxicity (smoking, drugs, heavy metals)

Harms of HTN (especially in conjunction with atherosclerosis)
• Stroke, MI, kidney damage, dementia, sight , CHF

Harms of low BP:
• MI, syncope

Lifestyle changes:
• exercise
• yoga
• plant-based, eat midday, chew

• Diuretics work on the kidney
• Vasodilators: CCB, nitrates work on muscle of artery
• ACEI, ARB work on hormone system to decrease blood pressure
• BB work on heart rate and smaller blood vessels of the gut heart and brain

Endocrine concerns:
• menopause HTN
• obesity- diabetes/MetS
• Accelerated aging

Kidney -
Renovascular hypertension and diastolic CHF

Checking BP:
• Check at home
• At rest and after duress and again after recovery at rest
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Our Vision

The Columbia Center for Integrative Medicine offers the highest quality continual healthcare in the world today.

Our Mission

The mission of CCIM is to help patients restore optimal and physiologic and psycho-spiritual functioning by resolving chronic inflammation, creating dynamic clinical support systems, and by providing the highest quality integrative medical service available today.


Our philosophy is inherently universalist: we acknowledge the mutally interdependent and inter-connected systems of the body, of the human heart, of the species, and of the planet.

Awards & Certifications

Dr DV is dual board certified in internal medicine and integrative medicine. He is licensed to practiced medicine in California and Maryland. As a result of his work with CCIM, Dr DV was named “Top Internist and Integrative Medicine Specialist” in Maryland in 2013, and among the “Top 10 Holistic Doctors” in Los Angeles in 2015.

I have significantly increased muscle mass, tone, flexibility and strength, and am leaner and in better shape than I have ever been, and have increased confidence as well! Working with Dr. DV in the SCULPT program provided me with the right tools, support and medical foundation that expertly fit together all the interlocking pieces to succeed. Dr DV’s deep-level, detailed diagnoses and solutions, and his ongoing meticulous and caring attention was effective to reverse physiological imbalances that were limiting me and causing deteriorating health, and then continued to support me to take the next steps to lose weight, tone my muscles, build strength and achieve overall good health. I am really enjoying the program and the results! -Nantz Rickard Washington, DC 12/22/15

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