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Yogic Pranayama has four sections:

Basic Breakdown:
Inhalation (Puraka)
Retention Holding (Kumbhaka
Exhalation (Rechaka)
Suspension (Shunyaka)

The following 2 techniques I share with you today are based on these four stages of the breathing process. I have experienced so many cumulative positive effects!
I will be sharing with you basic counts for beginners. A maximum of 10 rounds is recommended for a single sitting on each Pranayama.

Puraka ( Prolonged Inhalation)
Exhale 2
Inhale 5

Sit in any comfortable posture with your shoulders, facial muscles relaxed. Place hands on the thighs above knees. Close your eyes, keep spine erect and chin is parallel to the ground. We will Start inhaling after a short exhalation (just to provide a lift).

The inhalation has to be smooth and no jerky movements or forceful breath throughout this Pranayama practice.

Continue inhaling till you can in this manner or until no part of the body experiences any strain. The moment strain sets in, release the effort (that's your inhalation capacity's limit).
Beginners can start with 2 rounds as exhalation and then 5 rounds as inhalation.
Continue with 10 more rounds.
Feel free to take natural breaths anytime you need.

The inhalation process is prolonged, more oxygen is ingested and made available for the body cells to be used, boosting overall health. It also helps increase the breathing lung capacity.

Kumbhaka ( Prolonged Inhalation and Retention)
Exhale 2
Inhale 4
Retain 8

Begin by exhaling for a short duration (just to provide the kick lift to the consequent inhalation) of 2 counts and immediately after start inhalation. Inhale to the count of 4 and then retain or hold to the count of 5, after which release or exhale the held up air in a smooth manner.

Kumbhaka Pranayama will establish the regulation of breath and overall respiration. It aids with concentration and intrapulmonary and intrathoracic pressure and increases lifespan. Along with increasing the lung capacity it helps reduce the strain on the circulatory system. Increased positivity and sattvic state of mind.
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