What does my insurance cover in your system?
Pharmaceutical medications and a small component of the consultation

Is your membership program a type of insurance?
Yes, it covers access to us and consultations with Dr DV

Where is your social media presence?
(follow us for live updates)

Are you a primary care service?
We do not offer this at our sites. We do offer primary care services for our members (CCIM Membership)

I started treatment and I feel a bit worse. What do I do?
Call us at 888 250 2246 and let us know

I have questions about Genova testing. Who can help me?
Contact Genova at https://www.gdx.net/patients

What are the integrative medicine services that I pay for in the integrative copays?

  • Access to experts in naturopathic, holistic, mind-body, functional medicine, herbal medicine, and integrative medicine
  • Psychospiritual and emotional assessment in addition to the standard medical assessment
  • Access to integrative endocrinology and enteroimmunology experts
  • Extensive time spent with physician Access to email communication with physician
  • Access to rapid-fire communication between physician and compounding pharmacist
  • Access to custom compounded and naturopathic treatments
  • Access to telemedicine (tele health – video / phone) services
  • Follow up letters from the physician after each consultation
  • Minimal to no wait time Boutique office visit experience
  • Access to CCIM-trained physical trainers, nutritionists, and yoga therapists
  • Access to home-based IV treatments
  • Access to CCIM proprietary / trademarked programs and protocols
  • Access to Membership program
  • Access to cutting edge treatments unavailable otherwise

I have an emergency! What do I do? Call 911

What if the recommendations I get from other doctors clash with what you give me?
This is a common problem that many patients go through. Ultimately we do not want to get in the way of care you get from other doctors, but at the same time, you are in charge. Ultimately you have to choose what is the solution that works well for you. The more informed you are and the less passive you are about the process, the better. It is critically important to be your own advocate or be the advocate of your loved ones who are in the medical system. Use different doctors for the benefits you get from them, and use them to create the right medical support system for your needs.

I need a letter for my job or for the state about my medical issues. (Workers Comp, disability, FMLA, FSA, work release, referrals) How do go about getting that? Call or email us and schedule an appointment

I need a refill of something. How do I get that without coming in for an appointment?
email us at ccim@ccimhealth.com

If I don’t want to be a member, how do I communicate between consultations with Dr DV?
Here are your other options:
1. For no charge email DR DV ever two weeks how you are doing

2. For $60/mo call us once per week for a ten minute recorded conversation with our staff that Dr DV will respond to.

3. For $175/mo have a monthly comprehensive video/phone Tele health consultation in the comfort of your own home with Dr DV

What are your policies?
The following policies are for the Woodland Hills, CA and Columbia, MD offices:

  • $150 charge for same-day cancellation within 24hr of the scheduled time;
  • $50 charge for any cancellation within 48 hours of the appointment;
  • 3.5% credit card service charge for any CCIM financial transaction;
  • $35 returned check fee for any bounced checks;
  • $20 printing / mailing fee for mailing your chart (no fees for digital chart)
  • IF you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment, you may be rescheduled.
  • There are no refunds for any CCIM purchases, including for test kits.
  • If you keep a test kit for longer than a year without doing a test, you will have to re-order the test as the test will expire.
  • $25 Express Scripts Fee per Rx / transaction

I have a damaged joint. What’s better for me – surgery or prolotherapy?
Prolotherapy works quite well and has very low side effect profile. We recommend consultation with Dr DV to review your options, and we’d be happy to discuss your case with your surgeon

What discounts can you give me?
We will give you 10% off any CCIM purchase for a video or written testimonial



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