The Columbia Center for Integrative Medicine, (CCIMhealth), is an integrative internal medicine service with offices in the following locations:

CCIM health also offers hospital-based services in Lompoc, CA. We also offer home-based services in Los Angeles & Santa Barbara Counties in California, as well as Howard, Montgomery, and Baltimore Counties in Maryland.

CCIM specializes in diagnosing, reversing, preventing, and treating chronic medical illness in the scope of internal medicine via our specialized evidence-based protocols aimed at repairing the microbiome (enteroimmunology), restoring hormone balance (endocrinology), and optimizing lifestyle. We use methods in allopathic medicine and Ayurvedic medicine.

The microbiome directly affects every organ, and therefore the best way to improve any organ function is to repair the microbiome.

Our Medical Director Dr. DV, Dushyant Viswanathan, MD, ABIM, ABOIM, AACE, is a dual board certified integrative internist, licensed in Maryland and California, Medicare/Medicaid provider, and skilled/trained in hospital-based, house-call, and office-based clinical care. He specializes in enteroimmunology & endocrinology.

Appointments can be scheduled by calling us (888 250 2246) or emailing us ( or go to the CONTACT page on this website. We have one central office through which appointments can be made. Dr. DV and Elaina see each patient four times yearly (typically), but more frequent appointments are available via video or phone (telehealth consultation).

We only offer primary care medicine services in our Santa Barbara location.


Half the cost of each appointment is billed to your insurance (we accept all insurances). Half the cost of each appointment is billed to you directly. Costs are as follows:

  • $350 for initial appointments (Woodland Hills, CA & Columbia, MD sites)
  • $175 for follow up appointments (Woodland Hills, CA & Columbia, MD sites)

Medicare and PPO insurances (except Aetna) cover our testing (saliva hormone and stool microbiome testing)

  • $50 for each test kit
  • $599/month for our CCIM Membership program
  • $50 Holistic Medicine copay for Santa Barbara office

We look forward to working with you.

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